Intuitive Painting Workshops, led by Natalia Rosenfeld, M.A., are based on the Point Zero method (formerly The Painting Experience) that was developed by Michele Cassou, author of  “Life, Paint and Passion,” “Point Zero,” and “Kids Play.” Natalia had trained and worked with Michele for over ten years. The workshops are also based on Natalia’s personal experience of the creative process and her life-long interest in the spiritual approach to creativity and life in all its aspects.

Have you ever had a desire to create but thought you couldn’t because you “have no talent,” or “have no skills,” or are just afraid? Well, the good news is, not only can you create, but it’s your inherent nature!

The only thing we have to do, is to break through our old believe systems, conditioning and expectations.  We have to honor our uniqueness, and at the same time to be able to surrender to the greater Creative energy. This is nothing new.  True artists have known this for ages.  Look at the drawings in the caves of Lascaux, France, or Altamira, Spain, that are 33,000-35,000 years old. Or, take a look at the aboriginal art of Africa or Australia.  Are these drawings, paintings and sculptures just the result of learned craft, or did they come from deep within?

Through my life’s experiences, spiritual practices and learning from wonderful teachers, I came to appreciate art in the same way as Sri Aurobindo.   He said about Indian art:

“Indian art is created from within and not from without, it does not copy physical Nature and therefore does not convey a feeling of naturalness but of a deeper reality. Most art shows the world of creative imagination, a world reconstructed by the mind’s formative faculty. The faculty through which the Indian artist seeks to create is the inner vision, not the imagination, it is a spiritual seeing and not an outer sensibility, the subtle body taking shape in a form, the body as a vessel of the breath and movement of Live. For the Indian artist is a seer; what he envisages is the truth and beauty of another world behind this material world that we can feel and touch it is the world of fundamental truths behind this universe of fleeting appearances” (Sri Aurobindo on Indian Art, Mapin Publishing, 1999, Introductory Note).

I apply this approach in my Intuitive Painting Workshops.  We don’t focus on the technique, but rather, we use intuition and spontaneity to unblock creative potential and bring forth a personal transformation as we experience playfulness, freedom, feelings and insights.

When we paint for process, not for product, and are able to step out of our own way, we become a brush in the hands of the Creative Energy, itself, and are amazed by the endless and surprising ways of expression, that touch us to the core of our being.  Anyone who experiences this at least once, never forgets it.

“To be creative is one’s inherent nature”

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