About Intuitive Painting Workshops


Intuitive Painting Workshops are designed for people to experience pure creativity, without pressure to perform. We paint for process, for the joy of it, and not for product.

We use intuition and spontaneity to express ourselves in the present moment.  Technique develops on its own, while we are being true to our authentic expression.

We learn to play again, instead of doing tedious work.

In these workshops, we use painting as a tool for self-discovery and spiritual exploration.  We learn how to unblock creative potential and facilitate personal transformation.  We use special questioning methods to deal with fears and judgments that have blocked our creative energy.  We learn to see our own conditioning that stops us from being free in our creative process.

We look at the painting process as an adventure into the unknown.  We invent and respond to an inner urge without resistance or control, and just watch how our creation is been born.  It is amazingly different from anything we could have thought of, or planned.

Process art has profound intelligence.  It brings us exactly were we are at the moment, puts us in the place of innocence and vulnerability and makes us face whatever is there.  That’s why we experience insights and spontaneous knowledge during this practice of meditation with the brush in your hand.

In the Intuitive Painting classes we don’t critique or interpret our work.  There are no good or bad comments made about paintings.  We only share our inner process, feelings and insights.  We create a very safe, non-judgmental environment for everybody to express themselves fully.

Participants don’t have to have any experience in art, or skill or “talent”.  It’s even better if you don’t, because you’re then free to be yourself.  All you need is desire to explore who you really are, and get in touch with your creative potential.