Bring The Intuitive Painting Workshop to a location near you!


If you don’t want to travel and would like to participate in the workshop for free you can help to organize a workshop in your hometown.

Your job as host

As a host, your job is to find a great space for the workshop and help us promote it. The best PR is word of mouth, but you also can use local publications for advertising, distribute the flyers, use social networking services like Facebook.


The space must be private and quiet. Good sites for painting workshops include dance and yoga studios, community arts centers, schools, community colleges, and church meeting rooms.

For the group of 12-20 painters the room can be 600-1000 square feet. Painting is done on the walls (covered with craft paper to protect them from paint) and/or easels. It’s best to have adequate free wall space so that each person can have 3-4 feet of elbow room. The room should have an open floor plan and be carpet-free if possible. Good lighting is very important.


Other Amenities and supplies

Access to water and bathrooms is essential. A utility sink is great, but we can work with bathroom or kitchen sinks. We’ll need two big tables for the paints and two tables for snacks and other supplies, also chairs and stools. Paints and paper will be ordered by me or by you locally.

Setting up

We require a half -day in advance of the workshop to set up the studio and a couple of hours to take it down. We transform the space into a painting studio by covering the walls with a craft paper, using a tape that does not damage the surface. We use a non-toxic, water-based liquid tempera that do not leave any stain or residue.

If you are interested in hosting the workshop, please contact Natalia at

We look forward to hearing from you.