What My Clients Say

“Before beginning the Intuitive Painting workshop, I didn’t know what to expect.  However, Natalia’s suggestions and humor offered throughout the entire five days alleviated my fears about painting.  It was challenging at times, but profound insights always occurred whenever I allowed myself to paint without those restrictive thoughts holding me down.  With her expert guidance, I was able to explore new avenues of creative expression that I’ve never thought possible.  Thank you, Natalia, for this wonderful gift!”

Micheal Yee

“For me, the painting process is about self-awareness and growth.  These workshops offer a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in which to explore my inner landscape.  I have taken 4 workshops with Natalia, who continues to amaze me with her insights and her sensitivity.  With gentleness and skill she guides me deeper into myself, encouraging me to break free from self-imposed limitations.  I highly recommend Natalia as a guide on this extraordinary adventure!”

Maureen Hyman

“I have attended numerous workshops with Natalia in Elora, ON, Canada.  They have been a life-altering experience.  After the first one, I was quite sure that it could not be as powerful an experience in subsequent workshops; I was wrong.  I have felt joy, sadness and wonder; I have created images that still surprise me.  Altogether a magical experience; one I will repeat as many times as it is offered.

Natalia facilitates the process of spontaneous expression with intelligence, humor, sensitivity and quite clearly a lot of experience.”

Monique van Tetering

I took several workshops with Natalia and had an amazing experiences. I have never painted before and was terrified. But with Natalia’s gentle encouragement and guidance I was able to explore the world of colors and shapes, what an amazing feeling! There was no pressure to produce a nice painting, I could just play and see where this process will take me. There were a lot of surprises, breakthroughs and a new found freedom to create. Thank you, Natalia!

Michele Margonie