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The Intuitive Painting Workshops appeal to people who are interested in pure creativity, healing and spirituality.

In the Intuitive Painting workshops you will recover the magic of spontaneous expression and learn a method of self-inquiry that will help you with your creative blocks, doubts and lack of inspiration. You will find the source of your creative power and your passion.

You will experience freedom of self-expression in a safe environment, where the focus is on the process, not product. You will learn to trust your own unique voice and the guidance of the universal creative energy. You will enjoy an adventure into the unknown and unexpected, instead of doing tedious work, struggling for a perfect outcome.

Process art will reveal your authentic self and will deepen your understanding of who you are. Creativity will become a way of being and will give you insights into the mysteries of life. It will encourage you to live your life in a more courageous and meaningful way.

When creating with openness and vulnerability, you will find healing, profound understanding and compassion. The process will teach you how to be in the present moment with whatever arises.

In the studio you will experience a sacred space where you can express yourself fully. It’s a space where you can explore your creative process in an atmosphere of respectful non-judgment, where there is not competition or comparison. Paintings are not critiqued or analyzed, they are only a by-product of your inner process.